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Streamline Your GTM Tracking with
Automated Annotations

Crystal Ball's Google Tag Manager automation simplifies the way you track GTM updates. Our system is designed to automatically add annotations for each new tag you publish, ensuring your analytics stay organized and reflect the most current data. This feature is crucial for maintaining an up-to-date and accurate view of your website's tracking tools and their impact.


How to Use the GTM Automation Tool:

1. Navigate to the App Market: Access the "App Market" from the left-hand side of your Crystal Ball dashboard.
2. Select the GTM App: Find and click on the "Google Tag Manager" app within the App Market.

Remarketing Campaign
Automated annotations
Best Lead Generation analytics

3. Connect Your GTM Account: Link your Google Tag Manager account and specify the properties where you wish to see the annotations.

Remarketing Campaign
Automated annotations
Best Lead Generation analytics
Screenshot 2024-01-02 at 19.57.14.png

4. Automatic Annotation Creation: The system will automatically create annotations every time you publish a new tag in GTM, keeping you informed about updates without manual effort.

Use Cases and Examples:

  • Tag Deployment Tracking: A digital marketing manager uses annotations to track when new tracking tags are deployed on their website, correlating these events with changes in web traffic and user behavior.

  • Update History: Annotations provide a historical record of GTM tag updates, allowing for easy reference and understanding of changes over time.

  • Efficiency in Analytics: By automating GTM annotations, a webmaster saves time and reduces the risk of errors in manually logging each update, leading to more efficient and accurate analytics.

Crystal Ball's GTM automation tool is an essential asset for anyone using Google Tag Manager. It not only saves time but also enhances the accuracy and usefulness of your analytics, ensuring you're always informed about the latest changes and their implications.

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