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Apps Market on Crystal: How to Use and top Apps to Get Started - 2023 Release

As Crystal Ball Insight is evolving, so do members have more values to benefit from. While you are likely to be taken aback by the dashing new look, there are lots more to see from our brand. One of the evolved sections on Crystal Ball is the change from Integrations to Apps Market.

The evolution is not just about a change in name, but a more seamless, quick, and more effective way of integration has been deployed on the site. Also, the Apps Market is more extensive than ever. Now, users can link Crystal Ball extension with Podcast, Retail Marketing Dates, Zapier, and Shopify for effective event annotation.

If you are new to Crystal Ball and wondering how the Apps Market works, it's easy. In this article, you'll find out how to integrate our extension with your preferred apps on the list. Also, you'll learn about some top apps recommended by CEOs and experienced marketers who use our annotation product. Let's begin.

What is the Apps Market on Crystal Ball?

The Apps Market is basically a marketplace where you can pick an app and integrate it with your Crystal Ball annotation tool. For instance, you can track your campaigns on Twitter, see how your new products are performing on GA4, get the latest updates about WordPress, or how your Facebook ads are performing. In other words, the Apps market enables you to pick your preferred app and track important metrics for future optimization based on the informative data.

How can I use the Apps Market from Crystal Ball?

Use the step-by-step guide below to explore Apps market on Crystal Ball smoothly:

Step 1: Visit the official homepage of Crystal Ball.

Step 2: Click on "Register" and complete account registration.

Step 3: Return to the homepage and click "Login" to submit your username and password.

Step 4: Use the small arrow on your top left side to bring out the menu.

Step 5: Click on "Apps market."

Step 6: Check on the top tools or recommended apps to see if your preferred app is readily available. If not, use the "Search App to Connect" for a quick find.

Step 7: Once you find the app, click on it and follow the prompt.

Step 8: Depending on your preferred app, you'll need to sign into your app and connect the annotation tool to complete the process.

5 Highly Recommended Apps to Get Started

With hundreds of users on Crystal Ball, most users harness common apps for excellent marketing, research, and project management performance. Below are five highly recommended apps to integrate and get the best out of your marketing strategy:

1. Google Analytics

Developed by Google, this tool enables a company to monitor their website ranking on the search engine. Also, you can track your ads' campaign metrics, including traffic, conversion, and influence on sales rate. To use your Crystal Ball annotation tool with GA4, simply choose the app and link your accounts. In this way, you can note every event that changes the dynamics of your site and ads performance without losing sleep.

2. SERP tracking app

Track daily changes of your target keywords in your target area for your business or competitors. It is important to track SERP because it allows you to check how your website is performing in the search results. In addition, it also tells the search performance of your competitors. By tracking SERP, you can build a successful SEO strategy that helps you gain higher rankings in the search engines

3. Hubspot

This is highly recommended for individuals running ecommerce stores. Hubspot is handy for managing customer relationships effectively. It is also useful for growing traffic, building your fan base, and managing inbound ads. You are likely to find out more usefulness of Hubspot as you spend more time with the management team. Feel free to integrate our annotation tool to keep records of crucial activities on the app. Currently you can connect Hubspot to Crystal Ball through the Zapier integration. In the coming weeks we will launch our own Hubspot app which will allow you more options to get the most of it.

4. Retail Marketing Dates app

If you run an ecommerce business, you know the drill: Having a promotional calendar for marketing and shopping events is key to deliver on your sales targets. Add automated annotations to see how affected your site.

5. Shopify app

Automated annotations will track updates to product pricing, descriptions, providing insights into the impact of these changes on sales and revenue. No manual work required, just an effortless way to understand your store's activity and improve your business. The system will search for new/updates products once a day at midnight.

Final note

Apps Market on Crystal Ball is about improved productivity, convenience, and the possibility of optimizing your marketing efforts from multiple apps. With the market, you can easily integrate the Crystal Ball annotation tool into marketing apps, customer relationship management apps, production apps, and analytic software. Follow the guides herein to proceed.

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