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Crystal Ball Apple Podcast Automation: Benefits and How to use

New integration: Crystal Ball to launch Apple Podcast Automation soon.

For some years, podcast listening has been a convenient way for people to learn new information. Hence, it is not surprising that podcast marketing is increasingly popular among marketers and entrepreneurs. Companies, NGOs, and government organizations are using podcasts to share educational information and create ads.

If you have been running Apple podcast marketing, that’s a smart decision as it’s an increasingly useful campaign approach. From helping businesses target a specific audience, reach new geographics to creating brand awareness, Apple podcast marketing is an edge in digital marketing for many.

However, how do you know whether your Apple podcast marketing is working? How do you track your conversions and determine what’s working and not? Having the data to back up your podcast campaign ads and modify your themes as necessary has been the winning stroke.

To track these pieces of data and monitor your campaign ads from a single space, Crystal Ball has made life easier with Apple Podcast automation. Learn more about how the innovative tool can help take your podcast marketing effort to the next level below.

What is Crystal Ball Apple Podcast Automation?

Apple podcast automation on Crystal Ball allows users to track the performance of campaign ads on Apple podcasts. This could be your own podcast or a competitor’s podcast. The automation is not only informative but simple to use, as it only takes a few clicks.

Users may provide a link to their own podcast or search for the podcast using the “search” option on the tool. Once the podcast has been added, you can track the data analytics, including your likes, visits, and conversions, on Crystal Ball and Google Data Analytics dashboards.

What does Apple Podcast Automation offer?

  • Track podcast campaign ads in real-time

  • Monitor competitor’s podcast ads performance

  • Track conversions, likes, and visits on Podcast ad

  • Get campaign ads performance data on a single dashboard

How to create your Apple Podcast automation on Crystal Ball

Using Crystal Ball automation to monitor your podcast ads performance is straightforward. Use the step-by-step guide below to set up the Apple podcast automation on Crystal Ball:

Step 1: Sign up on Crystal Ball with your email or Gmail.

Step 2: Ensure that you verify your Crystal Ball account with the link in your mail.

Step 3: Log into your account using your details.

Step 4: Tap “Automations” on the left side of the dashboard.

Step 5: Toggle on the “Apple Podcast” feature to proceed.

Step 6: Add a new podcast by using the keyword to search for the Podcast event or provide the URL link.

Step 7: Click on create an annotation on the podcast and return to the annotation page to see the Podcast event and current properties.

What you should know about Apple Podcast on Crystal Ball

  1. The automation usage depends on the available credits. Thus, you are encouraged to upgrade your account plan to have thousands of credits for continuous use.

  2. Users can delete an existing podcast by using the “Delete” button after toggling on the Apple podcast automation.

  3. Visit the “All annotations” page to learn more about the Apple podcast event added to the automation.


Feel free to get started with Crystal Ball Apple Podcast automation. Stay ahead of your competitors by monitoring your podcast ads performance and know when to finetune some details. With the Apple Podcast automation in your marketing arsenal, you could be two steps ahead.

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