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Google Ads History: A new integration on Crystal Ball Annotation for Google Analytics

For marketers who are very familiar with Google Analytics, you'll agree that the impressive marketing tool is empowered with various highly useful features, such as reporting and visualization, funnel analysis, creating smart goals, integration, and data activation. However, Google Analytics doesn't have it all. One of such missing features is Google Ads History.

Considering that marketers rarely start a new campaign every time, having Google Ads history at their disposal is always important. As a Crystal Ball annotation user on Google analytics, there is a new development that helps! Find out in this article and learn more about Google Ads' history. Enjoy reading!

What is Google Ads history?

In simple terms, it shows the history of changes made in the past. With the information, marketers can determine the events that led to a significant change in the campaign performance. Google ads history covers changes made over two years. From changes on a campaign, ad group, change a filter, user to tools, there are several changes that can be checked with the Google Ads history.

Importance of Google Ads History

Several pieces of information can be known using the change history option. Users can check the action taken on an ad. This could be an edit, pause, resume, or removal of an ad. Also, the Google ads history comes in handy for adjusting the campaign's budget. However, this doesn't include the shared budget. Changes to the conversions and keywords are also shown with the change history. If your team had paused, removed, or resumed an ad's status or made an adjustment to your bid, keywords, locations, the change history will provide necessary information associated with such actions.

Additionally, any changes in the Google Ads account are directly made available via the automated rules Google Ads. With the change history, marketers don't need to create a new campaign every time. They simply check the changes that affected campaigns or ad groups by viewing the performance statistics alongside the history. In this way, they easily detect what strategy is working or what is not.

Google Ads History now available on Crystal Ball annotations

Unlike before, you can now check your change history on Google analytics. However, this is only available to marketers who have integrated Crystal Ball annotations into their accounts, considering that Google Analytics 4 did not come with annotations yet.

However, to start viewing the history of your changes on Google Analytics, it's important to give Crystal Ball the necessary access. As a company that gives the highest priority to customers' privacy and confidentiality, you can trust that your information is in safe hands. Crystal Ball will not share your information or data with any unauthorized party by you. All information shared with us will be strictly used for tracking changes and providing change history.

Once the access is granted, users can see any changes made on their Google Analytics account and use the information for future campaign modifications and decisions.

How to see your history changes on Crystal Ball annotations in Google Analytics, Google Ads or Data Studio

Follow this step-by-step guide to see your change history on your Google ads account:

Step 1: Install Crystal Ball extension

Step 2: Create an account

Step 3: Complete the sign-in process for your Google ads

Step 4: Activate the Google Ads automation

Step 5: See the changes across your charts in Google Analytics, Google Ads or Data Studio


If you are yet to start using annotations on your Google Analytics account today, you can get the Crystal Ball extension integrated. With only a few clicks, you'd have completed the process. More importantly, you will be able to have Google Ads history on your Google analytics – a feature that is currently available for Crystal Ball annotation users only.

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