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The June 2021 Google Core Update

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

June 2021 Google Core Update

What Do We Know about Google Core Update June 2021?

On Wednesday, June 2, Google released an algorithm update to all its users. It is one of the two core updates proposed to be released during this same period. After its June core update, Google would be releasing the second one in July. Usually, the internet company releases an algorithm update once every six months, and the last update was rolled out in December 2020. With the announcement, Google would be releasing two core updates within one month. Therefore, users can only expect changes. Due to the June update's rise and fall effects brought to the numbers and statistics, it is crucial to pay close attention to the second one.

If you wonder why Google is rolling out another core update a month after the next, it announced that some of the improvements expected to come with the June update are not yet fully ready. So Google decided to broke the update into two parts by releasing the part that is ready for June while pushing the other part to July. In other words, the changes the June update brings might be slightly different from the changes the July update would bring. The internet company informed us they are perfecting the July update and would notify their users when the July core update is released.

Like previous algorithm updates, there are always changes, spikes, increase, and decrease. Bearing in mind that one update would be released in two parts, there are some things we should expect different from previous ones. Users are already having the experience of the June update, which changes in their website behaviors. Here is a note from Google concerning the impact of the two updates;

"Of course, any core update can produce drops or gains for some content. Because of the two-part nature of this release, it is possible a tiny slice of content might see changes in June that reverse in July."

If these two updates are really together as they have announced, then you might want to start preparing for the July update too. Of course, like any other algorithm update, your rankings may skyrocket, decrease, or remain stable. However, if the June update impacts you, those changes may reverse themselves after the July core update. The good news is that the impact may not reflect visibly. Google announced that most sites would not notice the effect. However, but SEOs that are connected to many websites will experience changes in their Google search results. Another thing you need to know is that Google update is a global rollout, and it will impact all languages within two weeks when the rollout would be complete.

Here is Google's tweet confirming the rollout on June 2; "later today, we are releasing a broad core update, as we do several times per year. It is called the June 2021 Core Update…"

Impact Of Google June 2021 Core Update On SEO Rankings

You should note that being negatively hit by an update does not mean something is wrong with your pages. Although you may take some steps to recover from the impact, the most significant recovery you can expect will come after the next core update. Therefore, we advise that you look out for posts explaining what you can do to recover a bit from the hit.

One truth about this is that you always need to improve. Google receives billions of queries each day from all over the world in different languages. That means there are competitions, and Google has to improve to serve its users. As a result, updates basically for improvements. According to Google;

"Delivering great results at this type of scale and complexity requires many different systems, and we are always looking for ways to improve these systems so we can display the most useful results possible. As new sites emerge and the web changes, continued updates are key to ensuring we are supporting a wide range of publishers, creators, and businesses while providing searchers with the best information available."

As improvements are rolled in with every update, there is usually a trend of changes across all web pages. In this June 2021 algorithm update, one of the things we have noticed is that Google is throwing hard knocks against fluff. While this has always been on the list of things Google does not want, there is an increasing interest in reducing the amount of fluff that ranks in search pages. If you are having problems getting traffic, you might need to check and modify your content. One helpful tip from Neil Patel blog is that;

"You should put yourself in the searcher's shoes and give them what they want. It is not about optimizing for time-on-site or bounce rate. It's about optimizing for giving the user what they want as quickly as possible. Go through your content, especially the introductory paragraphs within your blog posts, and test removing fluff. Get to the point and give people what they want."

Add Automated Google Analytics Annotations to see Google Core Updates at time

The June 2021 Core Update

The Automated Google Analytics Annotations tool from GAannotations will automatically inform you whenever Google releases an update and also tracks how your website behaves and performs after the update. Use these insights to improve your website. For example, Google is releasing the second part of the June update in July. So now that you know, keep an eye on your rankings and use annotations to record your website performance. There are also other functions of the Google Analytics Annotations tool, and you can read about them here.

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