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SERPs Tracking with Crystal Ball: What You Should Know as a New User

If you are already familiar with Google rankings, you’ll agree that getting your site to the top of the search engine is a lot of work. After you achieve that, keeping your website at the top for as long as possible is the main target. One of the SEO tools to be on top of such an important objective is Search Engine Pages Results (SERPs).

With strong SERPs results, you could bet on your website to beat your competitors and do a great job in terms of traffic generation. So, the question is, how do you track your Search Engine Page Results and monitor changes to get it back on track as soon as possible? A simple yet cost-effective solution to your question is Crystal Ball automation.

Considering that you are reading this, you probably understand the concept of SERPs and their importance, so let’s dive straight into how you can use the Crystal Ball solution to keep an eye on your site’s SERPs. Enjoy reading.

How to use SERPs on Crystal Ball

As a new user, you need to create a Crystal Ball account and complete a simple registration step. Afterward, follow the guide below to start using Crystal Ball automation to track your website for specific keywords:

Step 1: Click on the three short horizontal lines at the top left corner (the Menu)

Step 2: Select “Automations.” A group of Crystal Ball automation will emerge.

Step 3: Toggle on “Keywords Tracking SERP.”

Step 4: Under tracking, choose between "my website" or "competitor's website."

Step 5: Provide the site's link.

Step 6: Add the keywords that you would like to track.

Step 7: Choose your preferred "search engine" to track on.

Step 8: Choose your preferred "language(s)" to track the keywords.

Step 9: Set your preferred conditions to create annotation by choosing "up" or "down," state your number of places.

It's that simple to be on top of your keyword tracking results. You'll get notifications and annotations whenever your keywords improve or drop in ranking.

Why Use Crystal Ball for your SERPs

Several marketers and SEO experts are choosing Crystal Ball automation for their SERPs because:

  • Versatility: Crystal Ball’s website monitoring and keyword tracking tools ensure that users can track specific keywords in specific locations, on their preferred search engine, and in a particular language. This allows users to know where and how specific keywords are working for their website.

  • Track your competitor: If you notice that a few websites are doing better than your site and would like to know what’s working for them, use keyword tracking to your advantage. On Crystal Ball, you can track the keywords by submitting your competitor’s link and checking out the suspected words.

  • Super easy setup: With Crystal Ball, you don’t need any coding knowledge or special marketing tips to harness the SERPs tracking tool. Simply complete your account registration, toggle on the automation, and submit the necessary details to get started.

  • Get game-changing annotations: Here is arguably the major reason why Crystal Ball stands out as an SEO tool. By setting your threshold to create an annotation, your marketing team can always see the keywords that make or mar your website’s SEO efforts. The annotation will be displayed directly on your GA.


And there you have the guide on how to run SERPs using Crystal Ball automation tools. The process is straightforward and super easy. Users do not need any special techy know-how or excess bucks. You can even sign up for a 7-day free trial to ensure that you are convinced before choosing your preferred package. By tracking your site’s SERPs, you stand a better chance of staying ahead of your competitors.

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