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WordPress Updates and WordPress Plugin: How to Get the Best Out of Both

From building ecommerce, managing content to selling products, WordPress has been a handy tool for several business owners over the years. However, users have the responsibility to keep up with updating the software. This is important to keep their site relevant, enjoy optimum performance and enhance their chances of search engine ranking.

Interestingly, many WordPress users overlook WordPress updates, while others simply miss out on them. Such updates from the company could be core updates or minor updates. If it is the former, you may experience dysfunctions and lagging performance. Even with minor updates, it is possible to miss out on potentially useful extra tools for marketing efforts.

If you are just starting out with WordPress or not familiar with WordPress updates, don't worry. In this article, you'll learn what you need to know about the content management system (CMS), the best tool to keep yourself up to date about WordPress and why you need a WordPress plugin. Let's begin.

Introducing WordPress and WordPress Updates

WordPress is designed for users to manage content. Users can customize the system to align with the content ideas, products and services they intend to render to guests. Setting up a WordPress site often takes time, effort, and skills, but it can be learned without the need for coding or programming.

WordPress updates are changes made to the system by the company behind the CMS. These changes could be minor or major. Thus, it is important to monitor any new updates introduced by the company. Below are some changes that WordPress updates can bring to your site:

1. Modification of functions

This doesn't happen every time. However, it is important to be informed as the changes roll out. Such a major update can affect the site's performance, online ranking, and compatibility. Contrarily, implementing the change as soon as possible will give your ecommerce store an edge over the competitors who are not informed.

2. Fix for bugs

Depending on the severity of the bug, a solution for bugs could be a major or minor update from WordPress. Regardless of the case, it is better to implement the solution and get your website in the best working position possible. Otherwise, the codes responsible for your website's structure integrity may harm the performance and quality of your blog or online store.

3. Safety and security

Here is arguably the most important reason to keep your WordPress up to date. Cybercrime is still a thing, and many unscrupulous individuals are finding ways to take advantage of unsuspecting individuals. Without adequate security measures and standards, your website's guests or product buyers could be vulnerable to phishers and fraudsters. This can damage your brand's reputation and destroy customers' relationships. Also, you may lose crucial data that can be used by unfair rivals to beat you. However, implementing WordPress updates that concern security ensures potential or existing loopholes are closed.

How can I get the latest WordPress update?

WordPress users can get the latest update as soon as it is released by signing up for the Crystal Ball extension. The automation tool is easy to use and informs users in real time. You simply need to enable the WordPress Update automation on your Crystal Ball automation page. Every release will be annotated. In this way, you can implement the changes on your site quickly to stay ahead.

What is WordPress Plugin by Crystal Ball?

WP Plugin is created to track the influence of any changes made on the content management system. For instance, when you receive information about a core update from WP and implement it, it could have a significant influence on your website performance. Also, a new marketing strategy may increase your conversions and sales rate. Or you may want to assess the impact of the newly introduced product on your website. The impact of all such changes can be tracked by using WordPress Plugin from Crystal Ball. Interestingly, you don't need to purchase the plugin differently. It's already part of the offers as a Crystal Ball user (also available from: ).

Final note

Now that you are familiar with WP updates and their importance, the ball is in your court to get your site in the best shape possible. Once you sign up with Crystal Ball and add WordPress Update to your list of annotations, you are good. The automation tool will handle the rest and keep you informed. For every change made on your WP, you can also assess the impact by using the WordPress Plugin. Get these multiple values from your one-stop shop – Crystal Ball.

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